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If you want to be immersed into boundless pleasure of Middle Asia architecture with elements of high developed European technologies, the hotel «Malika Prime» is stylized after madrasah, muslim higher educational building, from the north side of which the tent dome rises high( the fantasy of modern skilled craftsmen).

Opening the door of the hotel «Malika Prime» you are immersed into the cradle of cosiness and experienced staff. The hotel »Malika Prime» is situated at the border of «new» and «old» parts of Samarkand city, and it can be observed in architectural style of the hotel. The hotel «Malika Prime» represents the unique combination of European standards with stable traditions of Middle Asia architecture, forming for centuries, absorbing the best from the world architecture experience. The interior of the hotel «Malika Prime» includes the amazing work of Uzbek engravers on wood, wonderful ceramic cutting, modern furniture and novelties of world technologies.

In the hotel «Malika Prime» we also have a conference hall for 35-40 persons, equipped with all conveniences for such kind of measure. There are internet, a bed(double or single) , personal safe, bathroom with bath, hair drier, two wardrobes, telephone with international line and minibar. You may enjoy a wonderful view on ancient monuments from the north side of the hotel , Gur Emir mausoleum, where the famous military leader Amir Temur, known in Europe as Tamerlan, was burried. From the south side of the hotel « Malika Prime» you may observe the most ancient monument of Samarkand- Rukhabad mausoleum, on the large dome of which, as legend says, 7 hairs of prophet Mukhammad are kept. There are two restaurants for 48 persons in the hotel « Malika Prime» . The best national dishes and high quality service are at your disposal. The second restaurant , the proud of our hotel, is situated on the terrace of the third floor. The decore of this restaurant consists of charming work of engravers on wood and ceramics, and also view of the old part of the city, which you will remember forever.

Address: 1/4, University Blvd.,
Samarkand 140100, Uzbekistan
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Developed by Fuzaylov Studio